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We Buy, Collect & Process
all types of waste oils & fats

We Buy, Collect & Process all types of waste oils & fats

Oak Leaf Oils Limited - Oil Recycling

About Us

Oak Leaf Oils are an Edible Waste Cooking Oils & Fats Refiner & Processor located in Sheering, Essex, United Kingdom.

We have over 35 years of extensive industry experience in delivering client expectations within the refining and processing of edible oils & fats through tailored & compliant working processes with expert in-house knowledge.

Our refined material is used in many diverse industry sectors, with a commitment to recycling, renewables & sustainability. We are registered as an Upper Tier Waste Carrier, Broker & Dealer regulated with the Environment Agency of England & Wales (Reg No: CBDU310001)

Our business is fully insured for complete peace of mind and confidence to enable our clients & suppliers to feel assured in working with us.

Oak Leaf Oils Ltd is a fully compliant and registered collector of waste/residues, a waste recycling plant and trader within REDcert EU Scheme. (Certificate No. EU-REDcert-538-21440027).

Our Services

Purchasing & Sales

Purchasing and sales of Bulk UCO, WVO, Fats including by-products from collectors, aggregators, brokers and end users.

Filtration & Heating

Filtration & Heating of all Used & Waste Cooking Oils to meet industry standards that doesn’t compromise on quality feed-stocks being readily available for the Renewable & Bio-fuels Sector.

Storage & Transportation

On-site tank storage and logistics arranged by road freight available upon request.

Brokering Services

Bespoke Services offered to clients that are tailor-made to undertake the purchasing and selling of used and waste cooking oils and fats.

Environmental Policy

Oak Leaf Oils set environmental objectives to achieve this Environmental policy which is reviewed continuously as standard business practice.

Based on the philosophy of Oak Leaf Oils, we contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment by pursuing a real balance between corporate & environmental activities through our manufacturing processes whilst reducing the risk to the Environment.

Oak Leaf Oils actively promote recycling throughout our business activities.

We regularly evaluate and re-evaluate our business operations in order to minimise waste and be efficient as possible.

We actively try to raise awareness and gain support from our clients and suppliers.

Maintain awareness with ongoing training, health & safety and stringent management processing to ensure our employees are fully prepared to carry out tasks within the workplace and have an excellent understanding of our Environmental Policy.

Contact Us

Office Hours:  08:30 – 17:30

Address: Woodlands Farm, The Street, Sheering, Essex CM22 7LY.

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